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Ammunition coatings, external sealants and  sealing machine technology


Military Industry

Andre Industrial has been developing ammunition coatings and external sealants  for small and medium caliber ammunition in close cooperation with our international customers for many years. Hundred of companies from some 80 countries produce small and medium size caliber ammunition and trust Andre as world leader and registered Nato contractor. Ammunition external sealants against water and contaminants, for a higher pull-out strength and improved ballistic precision. Our international customers appreciate us as a preferred development and product supplier who provides application specific solutions flexibly and reliably.

The ammunition coatings, ammosealing, ammunition external sealants and munition adhesives are continuously being researched in cooperation with universities, institutes, most of the ammunition machine producer and certified according to the German Bundeswehr (according TL8010) and the NATO.

We can assure our customers that no modifications in view of the availability or other conditions with respect to our products and suppliers may be expected from the REACH regulations.


Primer groove varnish 

Solvent based primer groove varnish.
Colours: green, red, blue, black
Air drying within 3 min
Fluorescent for optical inline inspection
Meets Nato waterproof test according AEP-97. 

Case mouth varnish (bitumen)

Solvent or waterbased bitumen varnish according Nato standard
Air drying from 3 min to 12 hours adjustable
Meets Nato waterproof test according AEP-97
Fulfils the requirements for bullet pull-out strength. 

Tip Id coating

Solvent based tip id coating Colours: green, red, blue, upon request
Air drying or UV-curable

Antifriction varnish

Solvent based antifriction varnish
Colours: transparent Anticorrosion and antifriction characteristics. 

Steel cartridge case coating

Solvent based baking varnish
Colours: greenolive and many more
Anticorrosion and antifriction characteristics corrosion resistance and improved extraction. Common coatings include polymer coatings, lacquer, or even zinc plating. These coatings help protect the steel from environmental elements, enhance reliability, and reduce friction during the extraction process in firearms.

Shotgun coating

Water and solvent based coatings to protect the paper tube of the cartridge case. Primer groove varnish in different colours. 

Links coating

Lacquer helps to obtain enhanced corrosion resistance and antifriction properties.
Colours: black, grey, olivegreen - matt or glossy.

Hand grenades coating

Stoving varnish to protect the steel or aluminium body against anticorrosion and environment influences. Different colours and non-stick coatings.

Small Caliber

Coatings, NATO Approved.

bullet pull-out strenght


Ammunition Sealants

Andre acrylates to seal the primer and bullet. 

  •  reduces the costs by uses less sealing coating, 1 litre for 700.000 cartridges (9mm caliber)

  • UV- and anaerobic curing

  • UV curable in 3-6 seconds by UV light (365nm) and is ready for use or packaging

  • faster drying as traditional asphalt varnishes

  • different colours like green, red, blue and more

  • fluorescent for optical inline control

  • available in a variety of strengths depending on different caliber preferences

  • perfect penetration, especially with larger calibres with a high surface tension f.e. 12.7mm

  • heat, environment and solvent resistance

  • not flammable, no dangerous good 


Standard External Sealant 

External sealant is a single component, UV curable anaerobic sealant. It has a low viscosity penetrating material capable of bonding and sealing the primer and case mouth in ammunition. The bullet pull-out strength is much higher as the use with bitumen varnishes. Colours: green, red, blue Fluorescent for optical inline inspection. Meets the waterproof test according AEP-97 and bullet pull-out strength test. 

Deep penetration sealant

Andre sealant serie is a single component, UV curable anaerobic sealant. It has a very low viscosity penetrating material capable of bonding and sealing the primer and case mouth in ammunition. This sealant is specially formulated for ammunition that needs greater penetration because of different surface tension f.e. for 12.7mm ammo. 

Primer external sealant

André primer external sealant has a single-curing mechanism.
Low viscosity of the adhesive penetrating the primer groove and approves the waterproof test according AEP-97.
It cures by UV-light or by air. 

blank ammunition sealant

Blank ammunition sealant

Blank ammo sealant has a higher viscosity, UV curable
compound formulated to provide high performance, fast
curing and sealing of ammunition blank tips. Dries even
inside the sealant, not only on the surface.
7m distance paper- and burn out-test shows perfect
results. Also available as dipping varnish.


External Sealants

primer sealing


AdJet dispensing valve

The AdJet precision dispensing valve accurately controls the application of low viscosity sealants. The AdJet valve provides repeatable precision micro-dispensing with a cycle rate of over 600/min. The fluid flow can be changed by the Andre controler. Different needles are available. European socket for standard sensor cables. André controler for easy PLC controlling. 
CE marking of course.

ammunition sealing

Sealing Technology

The Andre autosealer is a compact, cost-effective ammunition sealing machine. The system was designed as a stand-alone machine for test or qualifying runs. In addition, the machine can also be adapted to existing production lines to get a full automatic loading. The primer and the bullet are sealed in parallel. The speed is 96 mm/sec and can therefore seal up to 350 cartridges/min. UV control system for inline optical control as option available. 


Autosealer 9000

The sealing machine is designed for ammunition sealing. The system can seals casemouth and primer. The machine utilizes precision dispensing valves and UV curving light including camera detection of both sealing areas. Automatic station can be a part of assembly line for ammo production and it is serviced by one operator. The sealing process could be also integrated in packaging machine. The standard device can be used for one type of cartridge and the dynamic device can be adjustable for calibers 9x19 mm, 5,56x45mm, .223REM, 7,62x39 mm and 7,62x51 mm. 

ammunition sealing machine
ammunition sealing machine

Medium caliber coatings

Antifriction exterior varnish, inside coatings and type coatings 20mm/ 25mm/ 27mm/ 30mm/ 35mm/ 40mm/ 50mm/ 57mm/ 105mm/ 120mm 

Superior Quality Producer

André is a superior quality producer of small medium and large caliber ammunition coatings. Our many years of know-how in the field of phosphating, pickling and pre treatment processes benefited from the Andre Group's coil coating business. The portfolio covers a broad range of interior and exterior antifriction coatings. 

Medium Caliber


Ammunition Coatings

If you are interested in ammunition coatings please contact us.

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