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Construction and Corrosion Protection Coatings

Multifunctional products to clean, coat, protect and preserve, according to any different needs, any kind of structure.


Construction and Corrosion Industry

Worldwide, the construction industry contributes significantly to the global gross domestic product (GDP) and is one of the most important elements of the EuropeanEconomy. Today’s demands on buildings, heavy industry andoff shore industrycould not be met without construction coatings and chemicals.

Painting metal is no problem! Regardless of which product like aluminium, copper, steel, stainless steel or galvanized zinc etc.

In our product portfolio, you will find a versatile range of coating solutions for professionals working with steel structures.

Metal cleaner, primer, coating, paints and hardener for all requirements ask us:

Metal Cleaner and Degreaser

Andre Cleaner is a mild odorless and VOC-compliant (less than 20% solvent) water-based degreasing agent for the pre-cleaning of metal substrates, filled surfaces and sanded old paints. It can be applied by brush, wipe, sponge and spraying. Re-absorb the Andre Cleaner after application with a clean, dry cloth.

Andre degreasing agent Plus with phosphating effect
Andre Degreasing Agent Plus is a CHC-free layer-forming degreasing agent for iron and steel with simultaneous phosphating (corrosion protection)

Metal Primer

Primer for metal is available in a variety of classifications.

1. Component primer for metal-based on synthetic resin with active corrosion protection or only as an adhesive primer e.g. for aluminum or zinc.

2. Component zinc phosphate, epoxy resin primer for metal can almost be described as the all-round primer, as it has extremely many positive characteristics. It offers very good corrosion protection, serves as an adhesive primer for ambitious substrates and isolates non-solvent-resistant substrates for subsequent PUR coatings.

Which primer for which metal?
The characteristics of metals are very different on their surface.
Depending on which metal you want to paint or varnish, it is necessary to use a suitable-treatment and primer to get the best result.

Ask us to find all conceivable-metal coatings and primers foremost different types of metal and applications.

Whether it’s a corrosion protection primer or a metal adhesion primer, a synthetic resin basis or a 2-component primer, we have all types of metal primers already sorted by metal type such as aluminum, steel, zinc, etc.

Ask us:

1. Aluminium primer, painting or brushing
2. Chrome, paintoverchrome-platedparts
3. Stainless steelpaintingvarnishing
4. Metal painting / varnishing
5. Copper painting / varnishing
6. Brass
7. Zinc, zinc sheet

Rust converter

Rust converters convert rust into a sustainable surface. Only loose rust parts have to be removed. Andre rust emulsion is a rust converter with a simultaneous priming effect. We offer rust converter in different versions, emulsions or technical aerosols.

Rust protection primer, corrosion protection!

Corrosion protection and rust protection paint are available in a wide range of variants. Corrosion protection primers and rust protection paint as a preventive coating or if corrosion is already present, you can use Andrerust converter to avoid costly rust removal.

1. Component metal primer
2. Component-Epoxy resin primer
3. Component PUR primer

Metal Coating

Science and technology against corrosion

Corrosion protection plays a very essential role in today^s highly industrialized world.

We offer innovative drop-in solutions for metal finishing applications, whether it’s preserving aesthetic appearance or maintaining structural integrity including thin-layer corrosion protection, 2-K-Ultra-High-Solid paints, water-dilutable zinc dust paint, high-temperature corrosion protection.

Synthetic resin varnish
1. Coat varnish
2. Component PUR color varnish
3. Component-Epoxy resin varnish
4. Micaceous iron ore paint
5. Corrosion protection paint
6. Water-based metal coating
7. Textured lacquer and anti-slip lacquer
8. Chlorinated rubber lacquer
9. Dipping varnish
10. Nitro paint
11. Liquid rubber
12. ESD conductive lacquer
13. Metal protective lacquer colorless, Zapon lacquer


The hardener is the second component in so-called 2-component paint.

The name alone indicates that the finished paint consists of 2 different components. These are the so-called master lacquer (lacquer, paint, primer) and the matching hardener. For problem-free processing of a 2-component lacquer a few things have to be considered. The description of the lacquer always contains the most important data about the lacquer.

These are the following questions:
– Which hardener belongs to the lacquer?
– Mixing ratio?
– Processing viscosity?
– Dilution, which thinner is necessary?
– Pot life?
– Processing time?
– Processing type (application)?

Shellac (Raw material from India)

Shellac- alcohol soluble, clear to orange resin, which is obtained from stock varnish. The varnish is a substance that is secreted by insects (Kerria lacca) on branches.

Shellac was formerly used for sealing and clear varnishing of floors, sealing of knots for shellac polishes and in alcohol-based primers. Denatured alcohol (spirit) is used as thinner. Today shellac is used in modern surface materials. Andre buys the shellac directly from the manufacturer in Asia.

Ask us for samples and daily prices

A product overview of metal coatings

Industry-Leading Technical Features

While our products are able to provide industry-leading technical features such as corrosion and UV protection as well as general ability to withstand even the harshest weather conditions, they are also VOC compliant and environmentally friendly.

We possess wide experience in steel construction work and its special requirements including working phases such as welding, mounting, and transportation. This knowledge has been fully utilized in our quest to create a coating selection that is able to answer even the most demanding industry requirements.

ISO 12944 classification:

We will assist you in choosing the right product for every application, also providing fast and flexible support to enable smooth, uninterrupted processes.

Our high-quality product ensures the best possible cost-efficiency as less maintenance and repair work is needed. At the same time, they make the painting process smoother and faster – and thus also more productive from the construction professionals’ point of view. We continuously develop our coating portfolio to be able to meet the evolving needs the best possible way at all times.

Becker Lacke

Industrial Coatings

If you are interested in learning more about our Industrial Coatings please contact us.

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