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Andre Industrial

Advanced Coating Solutions for Industrial Processes

Full Service Branding and Innovation Agency


Automotive Industry

Automotive coatings are used on automobiles, trucks and agricultural machinery for protection and decoration purposes.

Aviation & Aerospace Industry

André has been solving the request in non-destructive material testing for more than 80 years. Many innovative aviation products.

Construction Industry

Multifunctional products to clean, coat, protect and preserve, according to any different needs, any kind of structure.

Military Defense Industry

Andre Industrial AG has been developing ammunition coatings,  external sealants  and ammosealings for small and medium caliber ammunition in close cooperation.


A UV coating is a surface coating that either is cured by UV light. UV-curing coating systems combine superior product properties.

Windows and Doors

If windows or doors are to be coated, you should rely on our many years of experience. We have an extensive product ranges.


André, a company whose name stands for over 80 years of professional experience. The André Industrial AG develops and produces chemical lacquer systems (coatings) and deals with raw materials worldwide.

Standard Paintwork

Our field of research are primers and chemical surface treatment, innovative surface technologies and biomaterials.

Customer Specific Solutions

Andre is also a competent manufacturer of private labels for industry and wholesale, we pack your own or our product in private label packaging.

Contract Manufacturing

Andre offers you the possibility to have your own formulations manufactured by us according to your specifications.


Andre Industrial

Andre Industrial AG develops and produces chemical coating systems.

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